Happy New Year!

IMG_7053We at Hardwood Flooring by Flores hope you had a wonderful holiday and are now looking forward to 2013.  Is this the year you decide your living space gets an upgrade?  We recently posted a story of work we were doing in a home to bring the space to life.  Now that the floors have been installed, sanded, stained and sealed, we wanted to show you what a dramatic transformation had taken place by simply upgrading the flooring in an existing living area.

Did you know that we don’t ever charge to come to your placeIMG_7051 and provide a quote for service?  Whether it’s a small bathroom tiling job or a full renovation of an entire floor, we have done it all.  From the small home to the large business; from carpeting, to hardwoords, to laminates and tiling, we have a solution for you.

Visit our website and contact us today to start your journey toward a rediscovered homeIMG_7075!